Living at S-West

Living at S-West

S-West will be a blend of elegant styles along Torenallee and Ingenieur Kalffstraat. The project will contain four buildings, each with its own style and name (named after the members of the Philips family).

Camera 10 NEWFrits
This will be the prominent high tower at the Torenallee, offering spectacular views across the city. Architect Jeroen Schippers was inspired by the Torre Velasca in Milan. The 19-storey building will be about 60 metres high and house around 87 apartments, from 60 square metres to a double-layer penthouse of two hundred square metres and a spacious roof terrace..


P 133 DO Strijp S Vlek F Torenallee West Beiden KleurFrederik 
This stout building will form the corner of Torenallee and Ingenieur Kalffstraat. The design will be reminiscent of the architecture of New York’s Soho, with steel staircases and masonry of various widths across the facades. Frederik will house around 92 apartments ranging from 50 to 100 square metres.


Maria Cam 60 FINAL
This building will stand at right angles to Ingenieur Kalffstraat, so that the 26 or so homes and terraces will be located on the southwest. Maria is a friendly, small-scale building. There will be arches in the facade, reminiscent of Philips’s and other factory buildings of former times and echoing places like Vicenza in the Middle Ages. The apartments will be 70 to 115 square metres in size.


Cam 6Benjamin
This will be the lowest building in project S-West. Saw-tooth roofs will be particularly prominent along Ingenieur Kalffstraat. These distinctive roofs have English and industrial-looking shapes that optimise the use of natural light. Almost all of the outdoor spaces are located on the southwest or the southeast. The apartments will be 55 to 110 square metres in size.

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